Bamboo Cottages & Restaurant Nhà hàng bamboo phú quốc cần tuyển

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    Nhà hàng bamboo phú quốc cần tuyển

    Bamboo Cottages is a family project. We are a 19-room Vietnamese family-run getaway. In 2009, we started building Bamboo Cottages with the simple, idealistic objective of sharing more of what we value with others. We are a Vietnamese-American family who has owned the land where the cottages are now situated for many years. The building that houses the restaurant used to be our vacation home. We chose this out-of-the way spot for its serenity and beauty. We believe that our stretch of Vung Bau bay on Phu Quoc Island is a magical place that others would also relish. We know that vacation time is precious and is meant to nourish. To that end, we aspire to combine the natural beauty of Vung Bau with thoughtful service, wonderful food, simple tastefulness and a relaxed, authentic Vietnamese experience.


    Nhà hàng phú quốc cần tuyển:

    - Nhân viên Lễ tân
    - Kế toán trưởng
    - Nhân viên phục vụ nhà hàng
    - Nhân viên mua hàng (Pucharsing)
    - Trưởng bộ phận Lễ tân (FOM)
    - Nhân viên buồng phòng

    Nơi làm việc : Kiên Giang
    Hạn nộp hồ sơ : 13/08/2015

    Người liên hệ : Phòng Nhân Sự - Anh Nghiệm

    Email : (Việc làm khách sạn,nhà hàng)

    Địa chỉ : Vung Bau Bay, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.

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