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    Management Trainee Program 2016 của Suntory PepsiCo

    In line with our global Talent Sustainability imperative to nurture robust future leaders who will support our sustained business growth, Suntory PepsiCo Management Trainee Program aims to identify, build and develop young talent. We select the best-educated, creative and dynamic graduates for the program, to become our future leaders.
    Since its inception in 2006, previous generations of the MTP now hold key managerial positions in Suntory PepsiCo, contributing to our vision to become $1 billion company in 2018.

    • From the ocean of Beverages industry, Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam rises up like a giant tree, healthily grow up and shine.
    • Different colors represent the unique characteristics of each individual, that they can LET TRUE SELF SHINE professionally and personally at SPVB. Here we embrace and respect diversity that boosts individuals to GROW their FULL potential, and LIVE life to the FULLEST.
    • We have a great workplace that will NUTURE your TALENT, STRENGTHEN your IDENTITY to the maximum level and EMPOWER you to learn, grow up with a brilliant career.
    • Come and join with us, leave your finger print on and make our tree bigger and bigger. LET YOUR TRUESELF SHINE from NOW.
    • Our MTP will provide you with the opportunity to:
    • Explore your career in a fast-moving, versatile, and innovative business setting
    • Work in a dynamic and professional environment and be member of a strong and committed organization
    • Experience intensive, systematic and challenging training and development programs at Suntory PepsiCo
    • Become Suntory PepsiCo future leader
    • In order to be successful as a Management Trainee, you have to :
    • Have a good academic background
    • Pass all training and development assessments
    • Demonstrate of aptitude in relevant skills
    • Be a fast-learner and highly innovative.
    • Be able to adapt to organizational culture and a new business environment
    • Be committed to own as well as organization's developments
    • Be a good team player
    Career Orientation
    Which position are you interested? Click here for job detail
    • Sales
    • Finance
    • Operations
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing
    Selection Process
    To make the recruitment process an enjoyable experience we have provided some tips below:
    1. Application Screening

    • Keep your information detailed but focused and simple and provide real evidence of your experience where possible
    • Read over and follow our application guideline
    2. Testing
    • You will receive an email with link to take the test
    • There are three tests - Logical Reasoning Test, Numerical Reasoning Test, and Verbal Reasoning Test. All are in English
    • You can search for some sample tests to get familiar with the style of testing
    3. Initial Interview
    • The interview will be in both Vietnamese and English
    • The aim of this interview is for us to understand more about you, your motivations and your career orientation, so be yourself in every question
    • Be honest and share with us your own experiences/achievements in your academic life, extra curriculum activities and professions (if any). We want to know what the situation was, what you did and what you learned from it
    • Ensure you arrive on time for your interview and that you are relaxed and presentable
    4. Assessment Center
    • The One-Day Assessment includes three core activities: Games, Case Challenges and Panel Interview. This mix gives you a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills and experiences
    • The activities will be conducted in both Vietnamese and English
    • We will be looking for lots of different competencies - teamwork, problem solving, leadership, decision making, innovation, etc.
    Selection Criteria
    For external candidates
    • Fresh graduates (Bachelor/Master Degree from all backgrounds)/ graduates with maximum 1 year experience (particularly for Production, Maintenance Function, maximum 2 years of experience), Vietnamese nationality
    • GPA (Grade Point Average): above 7.0 out of 10 or equivalent
    • Honest, proactive, innovative, self-motivated
    • Driving for results, collaborating & influencing, innovating
    • Leadership potential
    • English fluency and computer literacy
    • A strong desire to work for Fast-moving Consumer Goods industry
    For internal candidates
    • Employees at L4/L5 with at least 1 year of work experience at Suntory PepsiCo
    • PDR rating of the latest year at least 4/3 or 3/4 (if employee doesn't have enough work experience to have PDR rating or he/she must get the nomination and recommendation from Line manager and Field HR on performance, potential, etc. as required of the program. These recommendations are stated in "Nomination letter" for reference)
    • Honest, proactive, innovative, self-motivated
    • Driving for results, collaborating & influencing, innovating
    • Leadership potential
    • English fluency and computer literacy
    • A strong desire to work for Fast-moving Consumer Goods industry
    ***Note: Those who already attended Testing of our Management Trainee Program 2015 are not eligible to join the program in 2016.

    MT Journey
    In Suntory PepsiCo, we believe proven results (including business and people results) and critical experience together with functional skills and leadership capability improvement, which leads to infinite possibilities and long term career growth.
    Therefore, our Management Trainee Program offers a practical and formative developmental journey as you build career at Suntory PepsiCo, and become one of our future leaders. Broadly, the program can be divided into three parts:
    • Core Management Trainee – 18 months
    • Individual Development – 18 months
    • Leadership Development – 24 months
    Each of these parts follows a rich syllabus to develop functional and leadership capabilities with built-in evaluation criteria and coaching opportunities. Through the program, you will have chances to build:
    • Organizational & functional awareness
    • General business skills
    • Basic & In-depth Functional skills
    • Can-do mentality and a real sense of pride and attachment
    • Leadership behaviors: Develop self, develop people & leading others
    While you decide the direction of your career development, we actively support you through diversified learning approaches such as professional training workshops, real project assignments, and rotations in related functions, coaching sessions, mentoring chats, and daily on-the-job learning. The training is based on the 70/20/10 methodology:
    • 70% training: On the job learning
    • 20% training: Coaching & mentoring
    • 10% training: Formal training course & reading
    The fact is most development comes from on-the-job learning; it's the way people tend to learn best and it's what the nature of our business demands.
    ***Note: All career progression will be governed by performance management and career planning processes.
    How to apply
: internvn