Toàn quốc coffee formed Yamanaka filter bag unique

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    Genuine brand coffee bags, Yamanaka is proud to bring a great convenience for customers and of Vietnam, when a bag of coffee in hand.

    Fresh coffee with beans grown on land on Lam Dong, subject to year-round temperate climate, were always found extreme care, especially Arabica coffee varieties, is the standard output then, build out, there is no flavorings, natural coffee flavor, convenience is important, do not affect the environment.

    Truecoffee coffee bags are becoming a close partner with coffee devotees love clean, pure coffee in Saigon, with mixing by modern filter bags, convenient and environmentally friendly. Coffee bags suitable choice for top office people and the best choice for customers traveling abroad.

    The successful research of coffee bags products help expand the market around the world more quickly, Yamanaka seized recipe and a good time, understood the importance of coffee bags and reforming how to taste according to the Vietnam trauma, coffee formed truecoffee filter bag unique. Guide very unique challenge, simply to have a cup of coffee bags using a small filter bags made of paper, for a few dozen grams of pure coffee on, pour boiling water Use it around the bag to hand cà phê túi lọc melts are about 3 minutes. Withdraw filter bag slowly leach out into the water to coffee. If you need sugar or milk may be entered at that moment to the palate.

    Vietnam Yamanaka captured using coffee tastes of Vietnam, should have produced a bag filter coffee taste a little richer, more fragrant feeling, suitable for the taste of Vietnam.