Hồ Chí Minh Dạy kèm học sinh trường quốc tế, gia sư học sinh trường quốc tế

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    Giáo Viên chuyên Lý Hóa Toán cấpII,III,toán cao cấp, nhận dạy học sinh trường Quốc Tế giảng dạy bằng Anh (chương trình IB,AP,IGCSE,AS/A2...) luyện SAT, nhiều kinh nghiệm dạy học sinh trường ISHCMC,SSIS,BIS,RISS, SIS,AIS,RMIT... sát chương trình trường.

    Teacher Luke
    Phone: 0913.61.80.61


    Dear parents and all students.

    My name is Luke. I got BA in mathematics and sciences with more than 8-year experiences in turoring. So I focused attention in a one-on-one environment empowers both student and tutor in a way that is not possible in the classroom.
    I support goal setting, address individual student strengths and weaknesses, build academic self-confidence and encourage motivation. I assist students to reach their full potential.
    If you have demand private-learning with maths, physics, chemistry, advanced math for university ….Learning in bilingual language Vietnames as well as English. Let contact me by following address

    Teacher Luke
    Phone: 0913.61.80.61