how many days till christmas

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    how many days till christmas

    Christmas is also the time to prepare for the Christmas party, gathered meals with the family, the fun, talking non-stop after so many days is not met. It is a holiday for all to watch together. Available with up menus and decorations to prepare for the upcoming Christmas holiday. The following I will show you some dishes on Christmas holidays


    This is a traditional Albanian pie cooked usually on Christmas Eve, especially in Catholic families. The ingredients are wheat flour, pumpkin, walnuts, vegetable oil (if fasting is considered) or butter, a pinch of salt and black pepper. The pastry layers are traditionally homemade, filled with baked pumpkin mixture, which contains butter, salt and pepper. On top of the mixture, chopped walnuts are sprinkled. Layers are then folded up, put on a flat baking dish in a circular shape and baked. It makes a very delicious


    There are also a number of dishes such as: Tangy Honey Glazed Ham, Honey Glazed Ham. The countdown to see how many days till christmas