Toàn quốc Oil Massage, Cairns: 2A-21 Spence Street Cairns

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    Massage Paradise Australia.
    massage cairns

    Oil Massage
    The ultimate in relaxation. Upper and/or lower body. Soft to deep tissue. Our signature massage here at oiled. Choose from our selection of aroma oils or allow your masseuse to choose for you.


    Massage is essential for maintaining good health and mobility. We have extensive knowledge of how the body works and responds to the type of work or training you participate in. Massage Paradise Australia is a clinic where a range of muscular and musculoskeletal issues is treated by safe and healing hands.

    Cairns: 2A-21 Spence Street
    Cairns, QLD. 4870
    Open 7 days
    10 am – 10 pm

    Phone: 0439 539 920.

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