Toàn quốc The best Haircare tips for girls with Curly Hair

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    Girls with curly hair often Vietnam human hair experience low levels of moisture. In essence, curly hair is thirsty hair. For girls with curly hair, the hair care regimen is completely different. Here are smart hair care tips from Oscar hair, for caring for all kinds of natural curls.
    1. Skip Daily Shampoos

    Curly hair doesn’t need to be shampooed as frequently as straight hair. Frequent shampooing can stretch and stress out fragile strands, and dry out thirsty curls. However, conditioner is your friend. Welcome that friend into the shower with you frequently, applying conditioner even if you don’t shampoo your hair.

    1. Choose Your Shampoo for Curly Hair Wisely
    Use a mild shampoo or a low-lather cleansing conditioner that will refresh your Vietnam Remy hair and scalp without stripping away too much of its natural moisture and oils.

    Think of your Vietnamese curly hair as fine cashmere. You wouldn’t wash your cashmere sweater with a harsh detergent, and you shouldn’t cleanse your curls with a harsh shampoo.

    1. Plop Your Hair For Frizz-Free Locks

    Most regular towels will rough up the cuticle, which leads to frizz and general curl catastrophe. To keep curls intact and avoid frizz, opt for micro-fiber towels or a soft cotton t-shirt to blot excess moisture. Then plop! Lay the t-shirt or micro-fiber towel flat. Flip your head over and gently place your curls in the shirt or towel. Grab the ends of the towel and start twisting, creating towel twists on each side. When your curls are secure, pull the twists back and tie them or clip them together. Wait at least 30 minutes (or just go to bed) before removing the shirt or towel. Excess moisture will be absorbed and your curls will remain defined and frizz-free.

    1. Comb Correctly
    Always comb your Vietnam human hair from the bottom up.

    Starting at the bottom allows you to gently detangle each knot, rather than compounding them all toward the bottom and yanking your way through with a comb.

    Comb with care and use seamless, snag-free combs. Invest in the best possible quality comb. Don’t pull or rake. When detangling your double drawn hair after shampooing, use a very wide-tooth comb and detangle gently, section by section. Always detangle your hair when it’s wet, preferably when it’s protected with a coat of conditioner. As far as brushing goes? Just don’t. It will wreak havoc on your curl pattern by breaking up the hair strands and creating a frothy, frizzy mess. You also risk yanking the weft straight hair out at the root or breaking it midshaft or creating split ends with a brush

    1. Trim regularly to avoid split ends.
    Split ends are never a good look (not to mention they can make your hair frizzy!). If you want healthy curls that look bouncy and fresh, head to the hairstylist every six to eight weeks for a quick trim.

    1. Apply a conditioning treatment to your ends.
    When your hair goes through a dry or dull phase, what you don’t want to do is weigh it down with a ton of product. Simply use your fingertips to apply a dime-size blob of styling cream or oil to your ends, giving them extra moisture and bounce.