Toàn quốc Yamanaka coffee bag wrapped in a paper bag

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    Vietnam to bring a completely new style, created Yamanaka brand, with modern coffee bags during the coffee sector, with Japanese technology, has formed a paper cup of coffee, make coffee taste of Vietnam with strong, pure, aromatic that can be used immediately in no time.

    You know before you use, the coffee beans are Arabica Yamanaka of Dalat's soil, mild climate throughout the year, bringing modern technology of Japan is brought into Vietnam to take care, to bring the cafe pure clean, handled in accordance with international standards, no impurities, no smell aromas, to create Truecoffee coffee bag wrapped in a paper bag pollution modern small, handy and no Monday is the first choice of busy people and foreign customers.

    The current market is the main consumer of Japanese Yamanaka, Radio Netherlands, South Korea, China, USA, Europe, Thailand, ... Major markets contributing to this include coffee consumption Vietnam's power to the world.

    And here, Yamanaka also thank you for choosing this style of coffee Truecoffee, we always listen and improve our products to serve our customers with our best. There Truecoffee you can enjoy cà phê phin giấy dùng 1 lần anywhere, the business trip or traveling with bags of coffee a few days of this, a new innovative style of Truecoffee (Vietnam).