Toàn quốc Yamanaka proud to bring coffee filter bag

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    Coffee bags are nearly extended worldwide after successful research, market exploration Yamanaka Vietnam and conducted into Vietnam, with brand reputation Yamanaka in Japan, then in Vietnam, has building products coffee bags glamorous style. Recipes are quite simple to have a cup of coffee bags by using a small paper bag, for approximately 25g of pure coffee on. Use boiling water temperature at around 100 coffee bags are melted for about 5 minutes. Withdrawal bag filter coffee light to seep into the water. If you need sugar or milk may be entered at that moment to the palate.

    Vietnam Yamanaka captured using coffee tastes of Vietnam, should have produced a bag filter coffee taste a little richer, more fragrant feeling, suitable for the taste of Vietnam.

    Stylish coffee bags Yamanaka

    Is a production brand coffee bags, Yamanaka proud to bring coffee filter bag and great convenience for customers around the country.

    With cà phê sạch beans, freshly planted in the land of Son La temperate year-round care and skill by the time the most advanced methods, the ArabicaS coffee beans are processed to meet international standards, not substance additives, coffee bags are designed by Truecoffee paper bag, handy and do not affect the environment.

    Yamanaka coffee bags are becoming a close partner with coffee devotees love clean, pure coffee in Saigon, with mixing by modern filter bags, convenient, environmentally friendly . Coffee bags suitable choice for top office people and the best choice for customers traveling abroad.