Toàn quốc Yamanaka's coffee bags are listed

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    Yamanaka are flying high and the barons of the coffee sector is taking advantage in the Vietnam market, is using technology from Japan's Yamanaka, brings pleasant experience, with a small bag similar paper tea bags, can create fantastic coffee bags, grab coffee style filter bag to be bold, more fragrant, especially it convenient than ever, if only for a few minutes a cup of coffee.

    Yamanaka bag itself never became tasty beverage with Vietnam, especially the focus on purity of coffee to avoid flavorings found in poor quality coffee sold in the market is rampant.

    Source of Yamanaka corner, then you know coffee bags are formed in Japan since the early 1990s The novelty stimulates the curiosity of many people, this style should be better known and developed ... widely in Asia since 2010 and more successful as well received in Europe.

    Brand is one of the famous coffee bags in Vietnam, Truecoffee gives you experience the taste of coffee bags to customers across the country, making it impossible to forget.

    The use of coffee bags are listed below:

    - Products made of paper create no substance cloth, do not use chemical use. Product safety for the user and safe for their health.

    - Design and special novelty, cà phê túi lọc are designed with straps to hook into cups, like the drip style coffee from Vietnam in particular and Asia in general.

    - Products brings the convenience, affordable, convenient, disposable, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee anywhere you want. Fast preparation, ensuring standards within 1 minute you have a delicious cup of coffee.